Made from woven carbon fiber, Absolute’s UniBlade single wiper system guarantees consistent color tone across the width and speed range.

Maintenance free, simple to use, and the perfect upgrade to improve print quality, UniBlade also reduces ink usage and minimises job change.

No corrosion guaranteed & credible

Absolute guarantee our UniBlade against corrosion for 15 years, an offer we can make with utmost confidence - we have never had a unit returned in 15 years!


Minimise downtime

With UniBlade you can change the blade of a 94”/2,400mm unit in just 3 minutes. And it takes only 12 minutes to change a whole 4 color flexo. That can save you a lot of downtime!

Non-twist or warp

Due to fluctuating and extreme temperatures, plastic-moulded products such as nylon and UHMW age over time, resulting in bowing, twisting and warping of the structure. Aluminium extrusions also experience warp, as it is impossible to alleviate stress after the final machining process.

This stress eventually causes the material to twist, making it impossible to produce an even wipe across the anilox. Consequently, product rejection is massively increased with inevitable delays.

By comparison, woven carbon fiber is unaffected by variations or extremes in temperature; consistent doctoring is maintained regardless of the harsh environment in which the unit operates.

Converting from Rubber roller to blade?

What a great way to improve the performance of your flexo unit! Absolute have 15 years’ experience in conversion systems for customers just like you. We break it down into seven simple steps:

  1. Sending an Absolute Design Specialist to check the dimensions of your machine against our comprehensive archive
  2. Manufacturing, assembling and testing the units in our own facility before
  3. Despatching them to your facility
  4. Arranging for your local Absolute Installation specialist to be on site at your convenience
  5. Upgrading your tickover drive from the rubber roller to the anilox roller
  6. Installing the new carbon fiber unit
  7. Start benefiting from the cost savings and improved print quality of your UniBlade


“We have replaced most of our OEM systems with Absolute. We are so happy with the improved performance we’re specifying them on new machines too!”

John Keith, COO
American Containers

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